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Paris HiltonParis Hilton, the most famous model star in the United States was arrested by the police for keeping cocaine drug with her in her car.

Paris was arrested as the police found a lot of cocaine tablet on her purse after returning from Wynn Hotel with her boy friend Cy Waits.

Paris refused that all those cocaine tablets are not hers. This situation seems very tough and she didn’t to be arrested because of this friend thing, she added.

Before checking in her car, the police noticed that her boyfriend broke the law of driving as he was driving while he was drunk. Immediately, the police asked to check inside her purse and found the cocaine tablets.

If she is involving with this case, her reputation will drop down.

Her lawyer confirmed the she didn’t get involve with this case. He is now working on her case, Paris was too much shock, he said.

However, a few hours later after the arrested, Paris was released because of the help from her lawyer.

Drug is an illegal thing you shouldn’t get involve with Drug brings a lot of effects to your health.

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