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CambodiaAnlong Thom became a natural tourism place as ecotourism and is attracting more and more tourists day by day especially on the weekend and breaks.

The water is clear and fresh, surrounded by hundreds of giant stone. Anlogthom is a comfortable and peaceful place which could help you reduce your stress.

Once you went there, there will be next time you like to go again and again. The people there one friendly and helpful. You will find it secure and safe out there. The most interesting about Anlong Thom is that you could also watch dolphins. There one and the service available there.

Anlong Thom is on the road number 3 which toward Kampot Province . It is about 178 kilometers from Phnom Penh city and it is on the right hand side.

Anlong Thom is waiting for all of us. The parking space is available for a huge number of vehicles.

Lay Ung, heed of tourism authorities told the reporter that since the discovery of Anlong Thom, there are more and more tourists come to visit. The average is around 100 tourists every day. The increase in number of visitor brings no concern for Anlong Thom parking.

Some people recommended that Anlong Thom which increases “big hold “should change to “Anlong choub chum” which means “meeting place”.

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