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Apple IpadsNew york, 23rd June: It seems wonderful, but it is true. Since its launch of the iPad, Apple has so far sold about 3 millions of the said gadget according to the company sources.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs jubilantly comments that people are loving iPad because it becomes gradually a part of their lives. He stresses again that in the near future his company is going to hand it over to more people of the world.

The moment Apple iPad is launched it is a great hit in the market. Whether it would be able to prove its potential in the near future is another history but since its inception it has created a craze and has surpassed all the selling records prevalent in the gadget markets.

The recent milestone of the iPad comes just two days before the Apple iPhone 4 reaches the stores. It has created a frenzy among the gadget lovers. In the very first day about 600,000 sets of the pre-orders were sold and the stockists stopped selling the gadget waiting for the restock of the new wonder.

AT & T the only provider of the 3G services of the iPad was in trouble as a hacker group became active using AT&T’s website to harvest the email ids of some of the buyers of the iPad.

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