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Ah SaAh Sa, the most famous actress in Hong Kong is now acting in a new movies and is using her energy just like Jadeley, Hollywood star.

According to one of the website said that she is using a lot of energy as much as she could to act in the new film just like Hollywood star in the United State , Jadeley.

Ah Sa confirmed that this movie will start making on September 3. She said” in this movie she seem to be a very strong woman full of energy”. Most of the scenes in this movie just like doing the exercise to remind all the people to find out how important of exercise are especially for the gentle ladies to love doing exercise for your beauty and health so that you don’t need to use medicine for your health and beauty”.

Furthermore, the expert from Australia was invited to make this upcoming movie to be the best sale in the international market.

Paolo Gimenez, coordinate to camera man evaluated on the action and movement of Ah Sa that she is very talented and is the best one compare to others. Moreover, her action is very similar to Jadeley.

This is the fifth time for Ah Sa to be in this kind of movie and got a lot of support from the audiences throughout the world.

The general manager said after finish making this movie, there will be the first show in Australia and other European countries.

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