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Independent schools are those schools which are not dependent on local or national government for its finances and control its finances by tuition fees, gifts and its investment, charity, donations, etc. Board of directors of these schools are elected by independent means and they have their own system of governance.

Independent schools are becoming more popular these days because of poor quality education and overcrowded classrooms in public schools. It is very important to choose right independent school for your child as these schools in some manner also act as prep schools for your child and prepare your child for higher education in university or college.

Here are some benefits that are offered by independent schools:

1. High quality education: They provide excellent education as their motive is to prepare students for future. High quality text books, learning equipments and latest technology are used to provide training to students.
2. Extracurricular activities: Other then text book education, these schools also provide high quality extra-curricular activities for students like sports activities, drama club, music clubs, etc. Participating in these activities develop some qualities in students like confidence, leadership skills, etc.
3. Different types of independent schools: There are different types of independent schools are available depend on personal needs. There are military schools, religious schools, day schools, boarding schools, schools for special needs, etc. So, parents can choose any school depend on their child need.
4. Good teachers and teaching methods: Qualified teachers are available for students. They also give time to time information to parents about progress of their child.

So, independent schools prepare students to face different challenges in life and also you might want to find out more information about prep schools by visiting the link.

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