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Memory foam mattress is made up of memory form which is polyurethane with additional chemical which increases its density and viscosity. This high density memory form reacts to human heat and gets mould according to warm human body in few minutes. Low density memory mattresses are pressure sensitive and quickly moulds to the shape of body.

Here are some benefits of memory foam mattress:

1. These mattresses are suitable for every sleeping position and gets mould according to shape of body. So, it provides so much comfort to us while sleeping.
2. Because of its moulding capability, it provides support to all parts of body individually.
3. These mattresses are made up of 100% natural material, so they are allergy free and good for people who are suffering with any type of allergy from conventional pillows.
4. It is naturally resistant to dust, so you don’t have to worry about dust mites.
5. There are no inner springs in the mattress and so it will not get sag.
6. Doctors also recommend this mattress to his patients who have sleeping problems. Research has proved that people have very sound sleep on these mattresses.
7. This mattress get soft with the rise of temperature as it is very sensitive to weight. Once the person gets out of the mattress, it again comes to its original shape.

To make these mattresses more comfortable, you can use mattress toppers. This mattress topper is a cushioned pad that sits on top of mattress.

Price of these memory foam mattress is between $300 and $3000. So, go and buy it soon from market and have comfort sleep.

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