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Cambodia - China CommercialThe commerce which is operating by Cambodia and China in the a-two-month period last the amount of approximately $ 627 million compare to others there is a significant increase about 37.7 percent, stated by Jin Yuan, consultant to China embassy of Cambodia according to the total amount for the last six months early this year.

Jin Yuan told the reporter in the conference on August 27 that Cambodia is exporting to China with a huge amount comparing to last year the number grow by 108.7 percent. There is more than triple in the number of export to china. With this, Cambodia is the main direction for china to get import from.

Cambodia is the best member in ASIAN and is China ’s partnership and has been working with china to develop with the industrial economic in china, Jin Yuan said.

Cambodia and china is working together in the industrial and business which bring the best result. The speed of business growing up earns more that we expected.

The first business run in Cambodia was garment. In the future ahead, there will be more on agriculture, construction as well as develop the particular region in Cambodia , Jin Yuan added.

The product has to be checked with the quality which is now debating with Ministry of Agriculture before export to China .

We hope that Cambodia will be the country which exports more to all over the world not only to china. Cambodia needs a lot source and economics is the main factor.

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