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Lighting is a purposeful application of light to get some different or practical effect. Lighting can be done by using artificial light sources like lamps, electric lights, candles, etc or by using daylight through windows, skylight, etc. Proper lighting effect makes our home look beautiful and it also saves energy. There are two different forms of lighting: Indoor lighting and outdoor lighting.

Indoor lighting:

Indoor lighting is done with the help of different sources. It is often done with fluorescent lights or occasionally with neon lights.
Wall lighting is used to bring out some special texture on the wall.
Floor lamps are used to add light and flare to a space. They are adjustable and portable and they come in different designs and patterns.
Picture lights are used to highlight wall mounted art or displays. These lights come in traditional and modern look.
LED’s are used to highlight some path when all other lights are off like in a movie theatre steps are marked with small lights.
Table lamps are used to put on bedside table, desk, etc. These lamps do not require any installation.
There are many more sources of lights with which indoor lightning can be done.

Outdoor lighting:

Street lights are used on walkways and roads in night. Flood lights are used for lighting of playgrounds and work zones in night. High pressure sodium lights and metal halides are commonly used as flood lights. Some other different types of outdoor lighting are security lights, Beacon lights, underwater lights, etc.

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