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Ecommerce is the name given to all transactions like buying and selling of goods and services that are processed via the Internet. Ecommerce web hosting is defined as the development of a website with ecommerce strategies to process online transactions with a secure server. It is also termed as Ecommerce hosting, electronic commerce services, and electronic commerce hosting.

Ecommerce hosting is type of business in which a web hosting company provides its client companies web space to upload information regarding their products and services on the World Wide Web. This includes a secure web server to manage all the web pages and process online transactions. They may also offer to design and develop the whole website for their clients. They can help build virtual catalogs and front offices for the company’s services and/or products.

The whole process starts with a business contacting an ecommerce hosting provider to purchase hosting space on its computer server. The business pays for this space on the server every month. If it has leased any software or any other service, for instance, merchant account, it pays for that too. The computer server may be shared with other clients. In the case of companies expecting a huge amount of web traffic, the entire server may be dedicated exclusively to them.

A few web hosting companies may even choose to provide services such as free blogs to their client companies. This becomes a very good package deal for the business. Blogs are very popular among Internet users and many of them update these blogs everyday. This may result in increasing the traffic of the website. This increases the company’s profits if the blogs are routed through its websites. Therefore, Ecommerce web site hosting has turned economical today, since many features are included at a nominal price.

The web hosting companies charge a fee or commission, or both, depending on the agreement. Usually, web-hosting companies offer competitive rates for their services. If a business purchases multiple domain names, the savings are even greater.

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