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Florida FishingThe southern state of sunshine – Florida – has a lot of reasons to attract visitors. The Everglades, the beaches, the nightclubs and so much more that keeps people clamoring to return to the states all the time. One thing, however that does not feature very high on the list of attractions is the fishing that the waters around Florida offer.

The Florida Keys that lie within the Gulf of Mexico are the scenes for some of the most exiting fishing in the world. The regions have great weather conditions and the water are teeming with fishes of every variety. Each season different varieties populate the water and nearly all of them are suited as catch. Visitors can enjoy reeling in some Bass, Crappies, Trout and even the occasional Shark in these waters. However, since the Shark populations are on a sharp decline in the world’s waters and we stand a risk of loosing sharks altogether, travelers are advised to release any shark they might catch without even pausing to take a picture. Fishing for sport is fine enough, but is not favorable at the cost of the natural environment.

Florida also has many resorts and lodges that are dedicated only to fishing vacationers. These concentrate more on serious fishing and are probably not the ideal place to spend a family vacation. Some offer other services such as trekking, white-water rafting and kayaking that enhance the water thrill experience for fishing enthusiasts. Some of the places are located on the Florida mainland, within the wooded regions and are ideal spots for fresh-water fishing and fly-fishing. Many lodges offer guided tours to the places with the best catch and often give instructions to amateurs to help them with the basics of fishing.

Many tour operators offer package deals for Florida fishing vacations, which include all arrangements from travel to accommodation. These packages can be all-inclusive or designed to just cover the basic facilities as per required. At times, the package covers a round-the-world fishing trip with Florida as a stop in between.

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