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Georgia Hiking vacationsHiking is a very pleasurable leisure activity for people who enjoy walking. Hiking facilitates people to not only walk but also enjoy the beautiful sceneries along the way. Narrow gorges, deep valleys, tiny rivulets and immaculate scenery are all a part of hiking vacations. Hiking vacations are best taken when it is not extremely hot or severely cold. Autumn or the beginning of winter is a good time for hiking vacations. The state of Georgia has some beautiful hiking trails. One of the most celebrated hiking trails in Georgia is in the Georgia National Forests. Both expert backpackers and novice hikers can use these hiking trails. Some other famous trails in Georgia include the Bartram, Appalachian, Duncan Ridge, and Benton MacKaye. Georgia also has short, easy trails such as the half-mile Sosebee Cove Trail and the half-mile Lakeshore Trail at Dockery Lake.

Cumberland has some good hiking trails that wind through the seashores. Here, Hikers can get to see wild horses while on the trail. Another great place for hiking in Georgia is the Chattahoochee. It is the largest forest in Georgia and it offers some of the best hiking trails in Georgia. The Chattahoochee river national recreation area, which is a forty-eight mile stretch of river surrounded by parklands, also offers some very good hiking trails in Georgia.

Some of these hiking trails are steep and may not be fit for the aged or ailing vacationers as it may strain their body and tire them off easily. It is always preferable that vacationers carry extra food and clothing and equip themselves with maps, compass, flashlights, extra batteries and bulbs, sunglasses and sunscreen. Hikers may also do well to carry a first aid kit, pocketknife and utility tool, fire starters or candles and matches in a waterproof container. Although all the trails in Georgia are generally considered safe, it is always advisable that hikers adhere to common hiking tips when they go on Georgia hiking vacations.

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