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Gunmen Shot 13 people to death at birthday party in MexicoGunmen who turned violent in a family birthday party finally ended up in killing 14 innocent people and nearly 20 casualties in the incident which took place in the Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. However it has been the second violent attacks in similar birthday party this month in the Ciudad district and it has been judged one of the most sadistic cities as drug addict’s battle security forces and each other over smuggling routes into the United States.

“I threw myself down on the floor and then a lot of other people piled on top of me,” a young man who survived the shooting late on Saturday told to the press, who refused to reveal his name to the public. The birthday celebration has been celebrated for a 15 year old boy and in this incident nearly 4 people might have been killed in the house party. However officials said that it was still unclear for them to judge whether the gun shooting was linked to the Mexico’s drug war, in which nearly 7000 people were killed in the city earlier in the year of 2008.

It was not clear whether the shooting was related to Mexico’s drug war, which has killed more than 6,900 people in Ciudad Juarez alone since early 2008.

Mexican President Felipe Calderon condemned the shooting, saying it caused “deep outrage.” Previous month in the city the gunmen pierced into a party and shot nearly six people to death. After that shooting, Calderon flew to the city to inaugurate parks and hospitals as part of the government’s plan to increase social spending and rebuild the depressed city.

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