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Resumes are the first thing that a company will see who wants to hire you, so it is very necessary for you to make it appealing. Resumes are thing which decides if the person will get shortlist for the job or not. As a resume writer, you must need to know that only one in 15 resumes get noticed by the recruiter and rest of the resumes just get their place in dustbins. So, you need to make your resume writing very impressive and fascinating.

While making a resume, the most important thing that you must keep in mind is that your resume should look professional. Your resume must have a simple layout so that the recruiting personnel can go through it very easily. Font of the resume must be standard like ‘Times New Roman’ or ‘Arial’ and the font size must not be too big or too small. There should be enough spacing to make all the points clearly visible. Content of the resume must be precise and simple because recruiter doesn’t have time to go through your long resume. So try to limit your resume to 1-2 pages.

To make your resume easily understandable and comprehend, you should use bullets and numbers instead of long paragraphs. Use proper subheadings so that the recruiter can search the particular information easily. Other then education, qualification and personal information, it is also necessary to include some of your strong points and key skills in the resume.

All the above points will help you to write a good resume and if you are not confident with your writing skills, then you can also take help of professional resume writer.

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