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Coming Home

A human mind works like a mould and therefore we find comfort going through the same routine over and over because we train our minds to do the same things every day. However, we find ourselves in a bad mood when our routine is changed and we have to do things differently. Iraq and Afghanistan veterans have been trained on combating and fighting terrorism in rocky and hilly areas of Iraq and Afghanistan and therefore their routine and lifestyle is far more different from ours. Hence, when they decide to come back home they find themselves in much greater problems that they would expect.

Many veterans in America who have spent a major part of their life fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan prefer to stay on the battlefield rather than returning home for holidays because they don’t adjust themselves in the social world. When veterans return home they don’t get the same lifestyle that they are used to and even if they do there are people around them that don’t follow the army lifestyle which irritates them. According to Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) there are 1.7 million veterans across America that go through the same psychological problem and to tackle this new websites have been developed.

Myrebootcamp.com is a new website that is meant especially for veterans who feel that they are not able to cope up with the social lifestyle. The website tries to understand the real time challenges and issues that these veterans go through and provides them with real time solutions. The website also provides them with lessons on time and money management so that they can live a better life. The website also helps veteran learn more about personal values and attitudes when they are with the people. Hence, such websites have become the ultimate solution for veterans who don’t want to socialize when they return.

5 Responses to “Helping Veterans Get Socialize”

  1. anonymous January 12, 2011

    I think veterans have all the right to socialize and therefore they shud be brought back from Afghanistan and Iraq sooner.

  2. anonymous January 12, 2011

    yes certainly all ppl have the right to socialize and veterans are no different. speak up america.

  3. anonymous January 12, 2011

    I dont understand what are our veterans doing there in Iraq for decades when there is nothing out there.

  4. anonymous January 12, 2011

    they are digging out the grave of some of the most deadliest terrorist in the world which are already dead.

  5. Also they are sending sick soldiers back into Iraq. Support our troops – bring them home.