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Vitamins are organic compounds found in plants and minerals and are very essential nutrients for human beings. It is very important for a human being to take proper amount of vitamins to stay healthy and you can get it by having a balanced and varied diet. There are 13 types of vitamins that play very special roles in our body such as reproduction and digestion, cell growth and repair, etc.

Human body cannot manufacture vitamins on its own so, you have to take it in form of food or in form of any pills. Here is the importance of different vitamins in life:

1. Vitamin A: This vitamin is important for growth and repair of body. It plays big role in formation of bones and tissues. Deficiency of vitamin A can cause night blindness.
2. Vitamin B1: It helps in building energy in the body and keeps heart and muscles stable.
3. Vitamin C: It protects our bones, gums and teeth and its deficiency may cause scurvy.
4. Vitamin D: Deficiency of this vitamin can cause Rickets and so it is very essential for kids. Direct source of vitamin D is sunlight.
5. Vitamin E: This vitamin is helps to treat wounds.
6. Vitamin B6: This is required to produce antibodies in human body.
7. Vitamin B12: It is very necessary for children’s growth.
8. Vitamin B2 and Folic acid: It helps in formation of red blood cells.

So, vitamin supplements and vitamins through other sources are very necessary for human being.

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