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ATLANTA – the next wave of nuclear reactor is the thing that Power utilities plans to get.

None of them are the thing they want as they tries to seek for in 104 countries. Richard Lester, head of the nuclear science and engineering department at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology said that the thing were not the one we expected and they may doesn’t work like we want them.

The technique will have to be better and quicker assembly, said Westinghouse. The NRC will have to confirm that it is strong and safe before the approvals.

The NRC is hammering on it and examines to meets its requirements. The last decision on the entire reactor is not expected until September 2011.

Before they can take action on this, there have to be approval for the issue. We can not do it without permission or approvals.

The last version of the reactor was approved and is being built in China . As the lack of commercial demand it was never constructed in the United States .

The steel container is strong enough to keep in and would be regularly checked to discover troubles, said Westinghouse.

Skeptics like Gundersen get the advantage standardization. However it is still a concern about what will cause if there is a rush to build with little room to learn from experience. He said that none of us got the lesson form the first person.

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