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Games have been used for recreational purpose since time immemorial. In the past these games were played only for entertainment, but later with time its motive changed, and now the motive of the game changed, these motives were wealth, honor, respect and prestige. Games advanced itself to professional level. Professional player came and the real interests of game were somewhere lost. Parents start giving pressure on child just to become, Sachin, Nadal, Ronaldo, Federer, Serena and many other star of the sports world.

These pressures are no doubt working out but somewhere the real spirit of the game is lost. We are getting top class player but we are not getting entertainment. The children outdoor toys are lost and the spirit of the games is misunderstood. It is high time, we have to consider it and should try to bring out certain positive change so that outdoor game get the real boost up with real spirit real honor and the advantages just go high, high and high.

Domestic Funny Games has been replaced by games like cricket, basketball, football, tennis etc. But still these games are still far better than the computer games which make people busy glued to their computer screens and play stations. Outdoors toys like, Endeavour Climbing Frame, Outdoor climbing frames and different swing set are somewhere lost in the world of technology. People have actually forgotten the benefits of outdoor games; let us look on different advantage that outdoor games cover up….

Improves health:- Playing outdoor games improves overall health of a person. Outdoor games can be taken as exercise which is actually loaded with fun and entertainment. You can just grip a racket and ball and get going to stay in shape.

Normalize your daily sleep:- Outdoors games attracts physical exercises, which results in exertion of body. When we get exhausted our body needs rest and we take sleep. It is good for our sound health body and mind.

Helps in concentration: Outdoors games are played with great tactics and concentration. This helps in field and out of the field it helps in real life. So play healthy and elevate your brain and thought.

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