Post An Article

Post An Article

When you have signed up to Kabar-Irian.Com you then have access as a contributor and can submit for review of your articles or press release news on the site.

To begin writing an article Sign in with your username and password and you will taken to the Author Control Panel (ACP). From here you can select various options from the menu bar across the top of the screen. Select ‘Add New‘.

If you are familiar with ‘WordPress’ then you will already be comfortable with the writing posts as Kabar-Irian uses ‘WordPress’ as a backbone.

For those who are not familiar with ‘WordPress’ you will find the ‘Add New‘ section of the left side under Posts Widget.

Step 1: Create your article title

From the main dashboard select ‘Add New‘ to begin a new article ( Click on image to see a full size )

Enter a Title for your new post in the “Title” Section as highlighted below

Step 2: Writing your article

Write your post in the section titled ‘Add New Post‘ ( Click on image to see a full size )

You may type your article directly into the editor in standard text format. or you

can select ‘HTML’ in the top right of this section if you wish to create an html style post.

You can use various writing tool such a Bold, Italic, and a spell checker using the buttons found along the top of the post section.

There are also buttons here to add different types of media such as Videos and Podcasts. These will be explained later.

Step 3: Insert an image

You can add an image to your posts by clicking on the ‘Add image’ Icon which is located next to the text ‘Add Media:’

This will open up a new window with which you can upload your required image to the Media Gallery.

If you have trouble using this feature try the Browser uploader instead. You will see a link for this under the ‘choose files to upload’ button.

For now we will assume your browser has Flash enabled.

Click ‘choose files to upload’, and browse your pc to select the file, then click open.

Only use images with the extension of .JPG .GIF and .PNG

Any other image types may be removed by the administrators.

Your image will then be upload (this may take some time depending on your image size)

You will the need to fill out a ‘Title’ for your image a ‘Caption’ (optional) and a ‘Description’)

You can also choose how to align your images in the post via the Alignment radio buttons.

Click ‘Insert into post‘ when ready. Or click ‘Save all changes’ if you do not require the image inserted just yet.

Step 4: Choose Category

For your post to be shown you will need to assign your post to a category which best fits it. You can browse the category list and select the correct one. You may not choose more than one category, and make sure your posts must belong to that category.

Step 6: Search Engine Optimization

Kabar-Irian insists you complete this section to make your posts appear in search engines such as google. This will benefit your news post as more people will read it.

In the section title ‘All in One SEO Pack‘ you need to complete a title. This maybe the same as your post title. Also a description is required, this should be a brief summary of your post. Then you should enter keywords for your post separated with commas.

Step 7: Submit For Review

After your are happy with your article you can submit your article for review to

Click on Submit For Review button and your post will be displayed in its assigned category as pending waiting for our editorial team to review. Most of the time, your article will be published on our site less than 24 hours as long as it is unique, quality, and respect to our Submission Term.

Some of the best articles will make it to the Headlines on the homepage at the choice of the administrators. Featured articles will also be at the administrators choice.