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Submission Term is offering WORLD and US latest news as well as providing Free Article , Free Classifieds & Press Release. If you are interested to submit your Article, New released services, products, or other industry information and news for reviewing by us, please kindly Register before you can posting contents with us. If your articles, classifieds, or news releases fit our submission guidelines, we will make it live on our site as little as 24 hours.

Please Read Our Submission Guidelines Carefully Before Submitting:

• Any article, news or releases you submit should be original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and have to be recently introduced or improved to the marketplace. News must be timely and industry related. Also rehashed, copied, or plagiarized article is absolutely prohibited. When you submit written articles, it is imperative for them to be 100% unique and your own work and not from some other author. The content needs to be unique and not rewritten. Rebranded articles are also not allowed, so before submitting you need to make sure that you are the only copyright holder for such articles. While ghostwritten articles are allowed, these articles should be used exclusively by you and no one else.

• Uploading your articles, news and release to our site means that you are allowing us the right to publish the submitted articles as we see fit. This means that we are allowed to publish your submitted content anywhere on our site. We may also syndicate your blog through RSS. Furthermore, we can make the necessary changes on the placement of your content anytime, such as where it is categorized or which page it is located, anytime we deem necessary.

• If you must submit articles to us, make sure that your content does not contain any affiliate link. Any submitted material should be void of any affiliate link, however mentioning the URL of websites as references is acceptable. It is also acceptable to place a URL of your site which directs web visitors to an affiliate’s product or service.

• All article or press released submitted to our site must be at least 250 words and no bad link such as adult, gambling, pharmacy or warez otherwise your article will get deleted immediately without notice except Classified Ads don’t have to be 250 words.

• Any articles, classifieds, news or released submission made at our site does not entitle you to financial compensation. We do not pay members to submit content to us. There is no financial compensation rewarded to anyone who submits articles to us.

• Kabar-Irian reserves the right to delete, reject, or publish your articles, classifieds, or releases according to our standards without notice. Submitting an article does not guarantee automatic publication in our site. If the content does not follow our standards on grammar, relevance, or even spelling, Kabar-Irian reserves the right to reject such articles or to remove them from the site as deemed necessary.

• Prior to making submissions, the articles should be proof read for any errors in grammar, spelling, and any other essentials. If you submit news or releases which have grammatical or spelling errors, you run the risk of being rejected or deleted outright. Here at Kabar-Irian, we continually check article submissions and any content found to be below standard will be rejected or deleted without notice.

• You agree to give us the right in choosing a more appropriate category for your submitted content. While you may choose which category to place your articles in, we have the right to change the categories, particularly if they have been classified incorrectly.

• You also agree to give us the right to post advertising or ad banners on the web pages where your articles are located.

• WEBSITE URLS/LINK: There is a total maximum of (4) active or inactive urls Permitted in the articles, news or release.

1. Limit of (2) “Self-Serving” active link to a website that you have an interest in or own.

2. Limit of (2) active non-self serving links to a web page that you do not possess, manage, or have an awareness in which adds value to the news or release.

• Kabar-Irian reserves the right to make alterations on these terms of service anytime necessary without notice.

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