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There are many women who think that it is natural to put on weight at the time of pregnancy. Pregnancy weight is determined by a large number of factors and one has to take care to ensure that they do not put on extra pounds which can become difficult to shed later. There are various factors which contribute to a women putting on weight during her pregnancy and the major one is the diet. Obesity in these times can lead to complications which are not good for the mother and the child.

It is important to have control over the pregnancy weight to avoid further complications like blood pressure etc which can harm the baby also. One has to ensure that they eat a healthy diet and also exercise to ensure they have a fit and toned body. The pregnancy weight can be very difficult to shed off later as the time available to a mother of a new born is much less. Taking care and keeping control of what they eat and how they manage the weight at the time of pregnancy is important. One can take advice from the doctors and the dieticians and fitness experts to have a proper routine which helps them to keep a toned body and also avoid them from putting on pregnancy weight. One has to be responsible and has to take good care at the time of pregnancy as this is needed for the well being of the mother and the child.

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