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NATO Foundation soliderAugust 28, the police officer stated that in the south part of Afghanistan , Taliban is fighting NATO Foundation solider.

Regarding to this, ISAF did not say anything on this happening. They said that this is just under observation.

The spokesman told RFP that we are working on this case to fight Taliban. Adbul hakim Is’haqzai. Police officer in Khost province which is in the south part of Afghanistan said that this is the first time that Taliban is going to cause the war to NATO soldier foundation as they used to fight and control one high school here.

The high school which is under control by Taliban is not far from here, he added.

Last December, there were 7 people from CIA agency was killed by Taliban. Moreover in 1983, Taliban destroyed this whole region while there is bombed in the US embassy.

The spokesman for Taliban told RSP reporter that they are going to destroy NATO foundation soldier. They have 28 members in total and will destroy every where of NATO.

“We are here now”, said the spokesman.

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