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Lexus HybridsToyota Motors has decided to recall over 17,000 Lexus Hybrids, including 4,000 at dealerships after government tests showed that the vehicle is prone to fuel leak in case of a rear end collision.

Toyota Motors, a Japan based car manufacturer has reported that it is going to recall 13,000 sedans that have already been sold and 4,000 sedans that are still at the dealerships.

According to Toyota spokesperson Brian Lyons, no remedy for the problem has yet been determined. Lyons also said that Toyota is not aware of any incidents or accidents resulting from the defect in the HS, which was launched last summer.

The National Highway Safety Administration which filed the recall on Friday said that the defect in the car could result in a fire. Although small, the recall is notable because it was ordered by NHTSA after a regulator spotted the defect which Toyota couldn’t find in its own testing.

Although Toyota remains a profitable company, its reputation and its executives are under a lot pressure due to the increasing number of recalls that the company has to deal with.

Toyota has already informed its dealers to stop the sale of the sedan. It is yet unknown when the sales of the HS could be resumed. Toyota said that once a fix has been determined the HS drivers would be notified to bring their vehicles for repair.

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