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Faroe TravelMany people have been choosing the Faroe Islands as a holiday destination lately. This is a group of 18 islands, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean – lying northwest of Scotland, and halfway between Norway and Iceland. These islands have a unique culture and language, and whichever point you are on the island, you are never more than 5 kilometers away from the ocean. So imagine the beauty of it all. If you are travelling to the Faroe Islands, you will surely be struck by the steep mountains and the rustic simplicity – there are many sheep and millions of seabirds. Plus, this group of islands has the largest colony in the world, of storm petrels.

If you would like to travel to the Faroe Islands, then going between early July and late August is the ideal time – at this point, the weather is at its best. But you should know that the tourist season is quite short, so plan your vacation time accordingly. These islands are known for their nature and scenery – plus it’s all very tranquil and peaceful, so if you are searching for a destination that allows you to reconnect and be at peace, then this is it!

Nature is the main attraction of the Faroe Islands. The islands are basically built up of layers of volcanic basalt, so the islands are rocky and rugged, they have low peaks, the coasts are bordered by cliffs – and you would be surprised to know that the Faroe Islands are quite famous for having the highest sea cliffs in all of Europe! You should definitely check out the bird cliffs at Vestmanna – which are one of the tourist attractions you simply must visit. You can arrange for a boat trip from Sandoy, to the west side of Sandoy – and then head to the boat cliffs at Skuvoy. Bird-watching is one of the most important activities at the Faroe Islands, and at least 300 species of birds have been identified by ornithologists on these islands. You can also see the small parish church of St. Olav, set in Kirkjubour. This is the oldest preserved church in the Faroe Islands, and it was built in the 12th century. You can also see the Magnus Cathedral, the ruins and grand and majestic indeed.

Do head to Fugloy Island – which is the easternmost island in the Faroe Island. This island is famous for its large number of birds. You can check out the three mountains – Mikla, Klubbin, and Nordberg. You can also see the lighthouse here. Kalsoy Island, too, is a must-see; this is located to the north-east side, between Kunoy and Eysturoy. There are very beautiful valleys on the eastern slopes, which go around the four settlements – Trollanes, Husar, Mikladalur, and Sydradulu. Tourists would possibly also like to go to Mykines Island – which is the westernmost of the 18 islands. There are two mountains which you would like to see – Arnafjall, and Knukur. You should also see the puffin and gannet on the island.

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