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White iPhone 4 Launch has been Delayed Till 2011People who were anxiously awaited to get hold of their dream brand new white iPhone4 have to hold their nerve till next year told the reports of Apple Inc. Apple made their announcement of their delay of the White iPhone 4 through their website and it was previously reported that they are likely to get launched soon by the end of this year.

Apple said that they were not able to bring down the as scheduled early. However Apple Inc. spokeswoman Trudy Muller apologized for the delay in bring down the White iPhone and however she didn’t reveled any information regarding the reason for the delay in the process of the release of the much hyped gadget.

New reports from Apple claims that they are planning to bring up the device for the spring season. The delay in the process was confirmed soon after an app on the “Apple Store” which at first permitted to place their orders for the iPhone4 was taken out.

Earlier in this year Apple announced that they are setting up the white iPhone 4 are getting much tedious that what was predicted earlier regarding the device. The iPhone 4′s black variant which was launched in the market in June this year and from then Apple has been harping about the coming of the gadget’s white version.

However there are certain rumors regarding this white iPhone4 device that whether the device has been cancelled or is getting delayed till 2011. Hope Apple will come up with the real answer very soon regarding this.

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